Facilities & Services​

Mosque Opening & Closing Times

Mosque is open for FAJR prayer and then from 11AM until ISHA. Reception is manned throughout the day to offer assistance.

Prayer Facility for Men, Women and Children

Mosque has dedicated prayer halls for Men and Women. Women’s prayer Hall is located on the first floor.

Wudu (Ablution) Facility for Men and Women

Mosque has separate Wudu (Ablution) facilities for Men and Women.

Lift and Stairs Access

Mosque has both lift and stair access to upper floors.

Disabled Access / Facilities

Mosque has step free Disabled Access as well as dedicated Wudu (Ablution) facilities.

Community Hall and Kitchen

Fully fitted kitchen with food preparation and serving facilities. Light refreshments such as tea and coffee are usually available.


A comprehensive collection of Islamic texts and study materials. Many books are available to borrow.


Functional and fit for purpose. 4 dedicated classrooms offering widescreen internet enabled displays to aid learning.

Islamic Education (Madrassah)

Weekend Madrassah for 5-15 year olds, covering Quran recitation, Islamic studies and memorisation of key Dua’s. For more information, please email  rh@maidstonemosque.com and to register your child for Madrassah please click HERE.

Islamic Nikah (Marriage) & Talaq (Divorce)

We offer a wide range of Islamic marriage services, including advice, Nikah (Marriage) and venue hire for Walima (by appointment only). Matters of Talaq (Divorce) can also be discussed with Imam.

Visits & Tours

To arrange guided tours for individuals or groups/schools, please email rh@maidstonemosque.com


We coordinate large external gatherings for Eid Salaah, overnight trips to partner Mosque’s and Dawah services as part of our strategy to engage with the wider community. Recreational activities and workshops are delivered throughout the year. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/maidstonemosqueUK

Embracing Islam / Shahadah

Our Resident Imam takes great pride in helping people take the initial steps towards becoming a Muslim.

Security & Safety

CCTV, Fire detection & prevention systems along with fully trained fire marshals on site to ensure effective management of the building.


During Friday prayer and Madrassah times, there is strictly no parking on site. Limited spaces are available during other times.  There are few carparks around the Mosque (see image below).

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