Pakistan Flood Relief Distribution

When the devastating floods swept across Pakistan at the end of last year, I stood before you to highlight the desperate plight of our brothers and sisters at their time of crises. Allhamdullilah, with your generosity, we raised £6342.
My commitment to you at the time was that I will personally ensure that I oversee the distribution of 100% of the funds towards alleviating the hardship of those effected.
I am please to announce to you that today, MIC undertook the distribution of food parcels to the most vulnerable in the effected areas.
MIC partnered with a local NGO to conduct a needs assessment and the decision was made to prioritise support for widows and the disabled. Our selected district was Charsadda.
I allocated the funds as follows:
£634.20 for transport and logistics £5707.80 for the purchase of food parcels containing the following items:
1. Flour (20 KG)
2. Pulses i.e Daal Mong (3 KG)
3. Red Beans (1 KG)
4. White chickpeas i.e Channa (2 KG)
5. Sugar (2 KG)
6. Cooking Oil (3 LTR)
7. Dates (2 KG)
We purchased a total of 188 food parcels, and I also sent volunteers from our Masjid to oversee the distribution. In an area with an effected population of over 5000, I believe we were very well received and I am satisfied that your donations reached those in most need.
Dr S Usmani
Imam – Maidstone Islamic Centre
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